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door matIt is often said that the best defense is a good offense, and in the daily battle to protect your home from disorganization, these multitasking heroes stand out:

  • Outside garbage and recycling cans. These decluttering ninjas are the front-lines of defense when it comes to keeping unnecessary inbound items from your mailbox and your vehicle out of your home. Make a routine out of stopping at them on the way from your mailbox and automobiles, and deposit anything that you don’t need before entering your home.
  • The garage or shed. If you have one, consider it your primary holding place for sports and outdoor equipment, board games and other odd-sized items that simply should not live their stored lives inside the home. But be intentional about how you store in this area, or you’ll have another mess to sort out.
  • Main entry/mud room. This area of your home represents the final defensive zone before potential clutter enters the living spaces. Set this area up with a labeled, dedicated space for each member of your household (don’t forget your furry friends!); provide a hanging space and a bin space to corral personal items so they are ready to go when your loved ones leave the house.

With just a little effort, these areas can help you keep your home organized and your schedule manageable. For assistance creating a blissfully organized life, contact us today.

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