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45948877_MHalloween can be frightening, and we aren’t talking about the ghosts and goblins! With an abundance of sugar, guests in your home and a full calendar, Halloween can get stressful. Here are some ways to maintain your sanity during the month of October so you don’t have people guessing you’re a zombie when you are not even dressed up!

  • Plan ahead. As the key to just about anything, proper prior planning can do wonders! It can be as easy as grabbing an extra bag of candy a month ahead of time while you are at the store. Start planning a party in advance and have lists of everything you need, who to invite, and who responded with an RSVP close t hand so that when it comes time for the event, you are ready.
  • Put it on a calendar. Between school parties, personal parties, and parties at your church or club, your social calendar is probably full the last few weekends of October. In order to remember them all, put everything on a calendar! This is also a great way to help excited kiddos countdown until candy day!
  • Get the tricks (and treats!) ready. Sit down with your family and go over costume ideas. Get the costume ready and all accessories together prior to Halloween night. If you are handing out candy, get your bowls out and potential back-up candy in line in case you run out. If your kids will go around the neighborhood trick-or-treating, draw a map of the houses they plan to visit in case they get lost or confused over where they have been.
  • Sort it out! After the parties and trick-or-treating are over, take the candy and sort it out! You can host a candy swap where the kids trade their least favorites for their favorites, put some aside to be tossed in the lunchboxes or for an after school snack, or gather up what you do not want and donate it.
  • Pack your decorations back in a orderly manner. While you may have already unpacked and decorated with the cluster of decorations thrown in a box last year, you can start fresh this year and put everything away in labeled, neatly packed boxes!

Halloween is such a fun time, between the season changing over, the adorable kids in costumes and, of course, an abundance of fun-size candy bars, that there is no need for lack of organization to spoil it!

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