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9283680_MIf racing to find your keys, the right shirt and your sanity on Monday mornings sounds familiar, you may need to organize by appointment.

That’s right – make a regular appointment on your weekend calendar to get your home and yourself ready for the week ahead:

  • Devote time to tidy up. Spend a few minutes putting things away, taking out
    the trash and addressing any other recurring details that make your home seem slightly askew. You’ll be amazed at how a few minutes of organizing now will create calm and order for days.
  • Consider the week ahead. Do you want to make it to the gym this week? Pack your workout bag with as many days worth of gear equal to your plans. Do you have a special appointment that requires apparel currently in the dry cleaning pile? Move that item to your Monday errand bag or vehicle for prompt cleaning to help ensure you aren’t scrambling later in the week.

It may feel extreme, but committing to this practice, by putting it in writing, next to soccer games and brunch helps to ensure that you stick to it. Over time, this weekend ritual might just bring you calm and help you move confidently into the week ahead.

We hope these tips are helpful, if you need further help getting your house tidied up, give us a call.

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