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You’ve finally decided to hire an interior decorator – good choice! This knowledgeable and resourceful person can elevate your home’s furnishings and fittings, all while helping you retain your own sense of style. You just need the handy tips below.

Get a decorator early

Whether you’re buying your second home, renovating your first or just refreshing your décor, start looking for an interior decorator as soon as possible. Their input can be invaluable at different stages of the home-planning process – and that input will make it easier for both of you to later implement your dream style.

Hire a decorator who understands you

Many decorators are well-known and cost a fortune, but everything they do ends up looking the same. It’s their style, not yours. Take the time to hire a professional who understands your needs, goals and desires for your home.

Be open-minded

Remember that an interior decorator’s suggestions are just that: suggestions. You always have the final say over what goes, stays and changes in your house. But it pays to keep an open mind. When you hire someone for their expertise, you’ll want to take advantage of every bit of it!

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