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What if we all had a decorating “spirit animal” – a metaphysical guide that personified our method of interior design? Take a look at the types below, and see which might be yours.

Pack rat

You’d love to have people over and to show off your house but you can’t seem to kick the clutter habit. Your space is filled with knick-knacks and doo-dads, partly because you can’t zero in on a style that suits you. Instead, you just end up holding on to everything.

Social butterfly

You have plenty of areas for seating and snack tables as you flit from guest to guest. The problem is, you’re not sure how to create a natural flow in these areas, resulting in guest clots and traffic jams.

Hibernating bear

If your best entertaining areas are outside, you wait all winter long for the warmer weather party season. Unfortunately, you don’t know how to set up these “outdoor rooms” with as much panache as the indoor ones.

The one thing these spirit animals have in common is that they all can benefit from a very human professional decorator. Why not give one a call today?