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It’s that time… time for spring cleaning. Have you been asked to help a friend or family member de-clutter and organize their home? Take a minute for these tips before you don your cleaning clothes and head to their home:

  • Understand their goals upfront. If needed, ask the person you’re helping to outline42401619 - couple clearing garage for yard sale what they hope to accomplish during your time together. Do they want to simply organize, or do they intend to part with a substantial amount of personal property? Should the outcome be donations for charity or sorting and tagging for a yard sale? Being on the same page is crucial to an effective and efficient use of time.
  • Follow their lead. Let your personal values and priorities take a back seat unless you’re asked to set the organizational approach.
  • Remember that this could be an emotional process. If you’re helping to declutter or organize a home after a milestone or transition – like a child leaving home or a passing of a loved one – allow for extra time as your fellow cleaner processes their emotions and consolidates belongings.

The best organizational practices are the ones you adopt and keep. Remember to look for solutions suited to your unique needs and lifestyle.

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